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Hi, this is C Hanish Menon (HanishKVC)'sCrAzYzOnE.
I entered earth from an other dimension in 1975.
I am from Kerala (India) which I love for it's Greenery, but have spent most of my life in Karnataka (India).

I had my education at

Hi friends I miss u all. If any of us are currently not in touch, then lets get in touch. Please do mail me.

Currently i am working for Flextronics (thro Fedtec) Fedtec.
Incharge of architecting and technical guidance for the Digital Media systems (involving System design(h/w-s/w), OS porting, driver development, Codecs, embedded and otherwise). Also handle the embedded Linux intiative. Have ported Linux to new ASICs and or Target boards(HAL). Enhance and or Embed subsystems like Multimedia, Block, Networking. Drivers for Multimedia (Graphic, Sound), Communications (Ethernet, Uart), DVB (MPEG Decoders, Tuner), etc. A custom ATAPI/CF/Generic Block layer with custom FAT FS implementation. Design new PCMCIA/ATAPI h/w-s/w modules for embedded systems. Enhance subsystems like PCMCIA, USB,... with new chipset supports. Handled OSes like Linux, uCLinux, pSos, VxWorks, Nucleus, uCos, uItron. Implemented custom languages and many many utility applications.
Also help with Systems Engineering.

_I.E._ Linux/ProprietryOS based Settopboxs/Card, Linux/ProprietryOS Multimedia PMPs/MediaCenters/Card, Systems4SecuredContentDistributionAndViewing, MultimediaAdMixer4TVChannels, MultimediaExtenders4TVs, ...
Previous work experience [2]: Reliance(thro INNOMEDIA). INNOMEDIA.
Incharge of CHOISservers for our Interactive television networks. I mainly work on or use Linux. I look after the design and implementation of all the things that go into making the CHOISservers. It involves developing TCP/IP based Services(CHOISServer & its protocol-which provides Authentication, Content distribution, Dynamic Interactive Contents, Streaming, ... ), eServices on the Interactive cable network, Linux Device drivers, some mpeg work, Clusters & High availability, etc.
Previous work experience [1]: iCode.
Incharge of the Research and Training department.
Also incharge of the DataImport utility for the Business package and the custom Delphi components developed in iCode.
Look at my resume for details
As a Hobby
  • I believe in OpenSource movement and GPL. so I have written many GPL packages. Also I have done Bug fixing and Enhancements to GPL and Opensource packages. Check them out at My Works .
  • Lot of programs for my College and
  • for Myself when hacking various things, you know copy protection of windows prgs, Bios passwords, my own MultiTasker for Dos etc. etc.. etc...

My Thoughts

Linux & GNU

Linux and the GNU community are happening that will be always remembered in Computing history.


As of now on the Desktop world Microsoft windows rules (especially Windows2000 is really cool and stable provided you have enough resources), Linux still has catching up to do as far as a general computer user is concerned. However KDE and GNOME are positive things for Linux in the right direction.

On Microsoft Windows I mainly use Delphi, my favorite programming tool. However I have worked on VC++, C++Builder, VB, TC, Masm/Tasm etc.
I like the Power of Delphi in that at one extreme it provides a very powerful and friendly Prototyping tool and at the other extreme it allows one to tweak around at the lowest levels possible in terms of Winxx APIs, Assembly, etc. It allows the developer to decide as to what depths he wants to go.

One of the sites i usually check out for info regarding delphi is Dr Bob's Delphi Clinic Also the recently started Community site at borland is also great.

Recently I have found 2 new packages which are also very good for Windows programing in C. They are


Well I first started out seriously with the help of AOLpress package. Migrated to other packages down the lane. Well to start with it was Macromedia Dreamweaver which helped create great looking Web sites. Then as I shifted my major time to Linux I started with Netscape Composer for Rapid prototyping followed by editing of HTML for the final effects. With Mozilla coming of age I thought of shift over to Mozilla. Also there is this browser come editor called Amaya from w3c consortium .Its also good at its job and I use it a lot these days. However in the end I have realised that its best to write HTML documents on my own using any plain text editor.

Here I would like to request you all to move away from proprietory word processing packages and their formats to the universal and open HTML format. It gives the author the flexibility of either using a WYSIWYG editor or any plain text editor. As Web Browsers are common on almost any platform today these HTML pages are readable for almost anyone.


I am not a painter by profession, but its one of my hobbies when I am not programming, hacking or sleeping. And Jasc's Paint Shop Pro beats other software in this field coolly on Windows and there is the famous GIMP on Linux.

MyLinks: some sites i usually hang around

Magazines & Books

One of the best Computer Magazine from India PcQuest.
One of the best general International Comp Magazine, the PcMagazine. Also don't forget Byte.
Well who hasn't read books at least once in his life. If u have then checkout MCP, it provides online access to many Computer books.

Computers & Technology


Linux is one of the best things that could happen to Operations Systems, why don't you check out this FREE Unix flavor.
LDP the Linux Documentation Project is a good place to get excellent documentation on Linux, for all kind of users like Administrators, Programmers, Users, etc.
If you want any version of the kernel from the oldest to the latest one catch it on kernel.org.
India LinuxUserGroup is for all the linux users in India. Do visit us and join hands so that we can spread Linux in India.


Want to be part of Delphi Ring, a chain of Delphi pages from it's lovers.
Check out GExperts a good add-on for Delphi.

Microsoft's MSDN Online is a good site for any Windows programmer. I wish to thank Microsoft for this & hope other vendors also follow Microsoft in providing such good resource sites.

SpaceSETI logo


Who doesn't want to listen to Hindi music, If you don't then just ignore these links else these are some good sites for Hindi songs. You can get some good music at HardRadio
Check out some good Midi Music


Check out Audionet &
Pseudo network also.

My College --> SIT (-:)

SIT Tumkur, where I got Enlightened

Hey don't forget the Great people at Tripod, Geocities, Xoom, NameZero who have provided me with everything to create great websites.

I n t e r a c t a

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You can contact me via hanishkvc@hotmail.com

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