HanishKVC's News page

  1. (18 Dec 2002) As usual Hi after a long time
  2. (07 Apr 2002) Hi everyone after a long time
  3. (18 Jun 2001) Updating the site after a long time
  4. (25 Oct 2000) Working on Indianization of Linux.
  5. (1 August 2000) Updating and Rearranging my web pages. The GPL section should be fully up within a weeks time.
  6. (25 july 2000) No time to update my GPL section, so adding these as news.
    I have updated my earlier FS2000 flight plan export module to even generate adventures for MS Flight simulators. This kfs2kplnadv v 0.40b6 is still in alpha but has some simple and useful Flight computer and GPS logic. Try it out with SFP and give me feedback.
  7. (14 july 2000) Hey Finaly able to update the webpage, Get the latest kfs2ksfp (Beta6). It fixes SID/STAR problem and some other minor enhancements.
  8. Sorry I haven't updated GPL section yet. However if you are into FLIGHTSIMING and use SuperFlightPlanner then here is my flightplan export plugin for MS FS2000
  9. Will update the GPL section with my codes shortly.
  10. Back from native, enjoyed the nature, relaxed ....
  11. checkout MyLinks for my works.

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