Embedded Systems related work

  1. Bootloader with UART based error resilient download logic (asm/c)
  2. Emulators - enhancements to Mipsim (R3000 emulator)
  3. Emulators - enhancements to Swarm (A ARM7T emulator)
  4. Linux ports - (will be released to the community shortly, till now it wasn't released as didn't get time to update it with the latest version of the kernel)
    1. Mips (LSI SC2005) (for www.fedtec.com - opensource.fedtec.com)
    2. Arm (Ti DM310) (for www.fedtec.com)
    3. Arm (Amatek and Linkup) (for opensource.fedtec.com)
  5. uCLinux port - Arm (for swarm emulator) (integrated into uclinux)
  6. kGUI - Simple and Portable GUI/Windowing system
  7. kIP - Simple and Portable IPv4 Stack (no TCP currently)
  8. Microwindow drivers
  9. QT to Other GUI systems converter
  10. kplucker_wget - a perl script for the Offline browsing system Plucker (www.plkr.org)

(c) HanishKVC, 17 December 2002