HanishKVC's flight simming page

Here are some things I have done related to flight simming.
Its mostly to do with Microsoft Flight simulator.
There are a lot of people producing wonderful things for flight simmers for free, so as a user of many of these utils, I felt, even I should contribute something if possible, so here is my small little collection of things.

Super Flight Planner related stuff
  • (25 july 2000) APL source & Export plan generator
    I have updated my earlier FS2000 flight plan export module to even generate adventures for MS Flight simulators. This kfs2kplnadv v 0.40b6 is still in alpha but has some simple and useful Flight computer and GPS logic. Try it out with SFP and give me feedback.
  • (14 july 2000) Bug fix release
    Hey Finaly able to update the webpage, Get the latest kfs2ksfp (Beta6). It fixes SID/STAR problem and some other minor enhancements.
  • FS2000 Export plan generator
    Interested in FLIGHTSIMING and use SuperFlightPlanner then here is my flightplan export plugin for MS FS2000 . Its released under the GPL license.
Scenery related
    Things to come
  • Working on a Bangalore scenery. Am trying VOD/FSBat and Airport/FSC.
  • Also trying my hands on a OpenGL based Object builder like VOD or FSBat.

(c) HanishKVC, 1 August 2000