HanishKVC's Coding

My mind has this constant urge to try out new things or do old things in new ways. So you may find that some of my work are always works in progress. i.e I work on it for a day or sometimes a few days, then my focus shifts to something new. Again shifting my focus back to what I left off may take months. However I do see to it that I have achieved some milestones or something new or different before my focus drifts away from it .

Most of what I develop on my own I want it to be under GPL. Because GPL has given us such a good software enviornment for our computers. This is my thanks to the GPL and opensource communities in general.

Work in Active progress

    A unexpected meeting with a bug in linux 2.6.0 kernel led to the development of MUTEXKS , a synchronization object which provides proper mutual exclusion in SMP as well as UniProcessor configurations. It uses the existing spinlock and semaphore primitives to achieve this.
  2. Simulator for my own simple CPU architecture. Which will be followed by a port of binutils to it (1st try at porting binutils). And later followed by porting uClinux/Linux to it (First attempt at a FULL port, till know more of ASIC specific HALs and BSPs for existing architectures)

General work

So here is what I have developed GPL code. Do check them out.

Embedded systems related

I have done some ports and developed systems and tools for Embedded systems. Check them out if you are interested in Embedded Systems.

Flight Simming packages

Some Flight simming packages I have tried my hands on.

Coding for the Computing community

I have helped enhance and bug fix some Opensource and GPL packages.
  • Bochs - done some patchs and added some features to it.
  • xreadvcd.c - Have patched this to work with the latest kernels and also to allow working with CDs with scratchs. Because I had problem viewing scratched VCDs at home. You can find pointer to the original file at www.mpegtv.org.
  • smpeg - A small patch which allows one to use smpeg to work with mpeg files surrounded by some header or the other (like the RIFF header or so).
  • Freemware or Plex86 - very little till now. Fixed some buffer overflows.

(c) HanishKVC, April 2002