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My mind has this constant urge to try out new things or do old things in new ways. So you may find that some of my work are always works in progress. i.e I work on it for a day or sometimes a few days, then my focus shifts to something new. Again shifting my focus back to what I left off may take months. However I do see to it that I have achieved some milestones or something new or different before my focus drifts away from it .

Linux and Portability
As I had promised earlier, here is my PRELIMINARY Linux Porting guide. Well for now before, I integrate my Drivers slides (along with some explanations) and also talk about programming under Linux and so. Its not complete, also it could have some bugs running around in it, so do correct me, If I have said something stupid.
I have been looking into linux once in a while from my College days, from diferent angles. Started initialy to look into how a OS as a whole works, some Graphics prging stuff. Then TCP/IP, Databases, Distributed computing, drivers and so on. Recently I have even started looking into Linux from porting it to new cores perspective. This is the preliminary result out of it and my previous experiences based on my understanding of Computers and how Linux interacts with it.
Later I will update it so that it talks about portability from both Kernel and User space perspectives.
Linux Device Drivers
a trip thro Linux Device drivers. This was prepared has part of my BLUG talks on Linux during Bang!inux.
Linux Kernel 2.6 Changes
a trip thro Linux kernel 2.6 changes. This is prepared has part of my BLUG talk for 24Aug2003 Linux anniversary function.
Remote booting Diskless machines
Remote booting Diskless machines using Linux
Delphi Info
Don't forget my Delphi Info page.
Linux help pages
Linux help pages by me gives solutions to various problems faced by people when using linux.
Weekly tips
Here are Some Tech tips you might be interested in.

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