HanishKVC's Works

My mind has this constant urge to try out new things or do old things in new ways. So you may find that some of my work are always works in progress. i.e I work on it for a day or sometimes a few days, then my focus shifts to something new. Again shifting my focus back to what I left off may take months. However I do see to it that I have achieved some milestones or something new or different before my focus drifts away from it .

Check out my Documents on issues like Linux Device Drivers, Remote booting Diskless machines using Linux, Tech tips, Delphi Info page, Linux help pages.
Computing is one of my hobbies. So in my free time I do develop programs, enhance other OperSource programs, and so on. Do check out my Coding pages.
Indianization of Linux
I have tried my hand at understanding the issues involved with Indianization of Linux AND also implemented some sample applications to help in this direction.
Misc stuff

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